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definition - sluta

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analogical dictionary


suppression; annulment; avoidance; termination; cancellation; invalidation; quashing; nullification; override (en)[Classe]

interruption; cessation; surcease (en)[Classe]

end (en)[Classe]

lap; stage; leg (en)[Classe]

interruption momentanée (fait ou chose) (fr)[Classe]

fait de se finir (fr)[Classe]

(port; haven; harbour; harbor) (en)[termes liés]

(vessel; watercraft; oceangoing ship; seagoing ship; barge; boat) (en)[termes liés]

(traveler; traveller), (journey; trip), (move; move on; tour; voyage; travel; journey) (en)[termes liés]

compte bancaire (fr)[DomaineCollocation]

tourism (en)[Domaine]

Keeping (en)[Domaine]

factotum (en)[Domaine]

prevents (en)[Domaine]

EndFn (en)[Domaine]

transport (en)[Domaine]

StopFn (en)[Domaine]

Maintaining (en)[Domaine]

close, conclusion, ending, termination (en) - abode, remain, stay (en) - act, deed, human action, human activity (en) - halt, stop (en) - conclusion, ending, finish (en) - end, ending (en) - hold, keep, keep up, maintain (en)[Hyper.]

continuance, continuation (en)[Défaire]

discontinuer (fr) - close out (en) - faire relâche, relâcher (fr) - achever, arrêter, cesser (fr) - cesser (fr) - cease, cease from, give up, leave off, quit, stop (en)[Nominalisation]

break, break off, cease, cut out, discontinue, have done with, quit, stop (en) - cease, discontinue, give up, lay off, quit, stop (en) - stop, stop over (en) - lay over, stop off, stop over (en) - stop (en) - arrest, block, check, halt, kibosh, put a stop to, stop (en) - halt, stanch, staunch, stem (en) - arrest, halt, hold (en) - come to rest, cut out, halt, heave to, run down, stop (en) - maintainer, sustainer, upholder (en) - preservation (en)[Dérivé]

continue, go forward, proceed (en) - carry on, continue, get about, go along, go on, keep, keep going, keep it up, keep on, proceed (en)[Domaine]

continuance, continuation (en)[Ant.]

factotum (en)[Domaine]

StopFn (en)[Domaine]

sluta (v.)

factotum (en)[Domaine]

EndFn (en)[Domaine]

connected (en)[Domaine]

sluta (v.)


change; alter; modify (en)[ClasseHyper.]

commence; launch; lead off; start; begin; enter on; enter upon; enter on/upon (en)[Classe]

sexuality (en)[Domaine]

Removing (en)[Domaine]

causes (en)[Domaine]

factotum (en)[Domaine]

Process (en)[Domaine]

EndFn (en)[Domaine]

result (en)[Domaine]

time_period (en)[Domaine]

finishes (en)[Domaine]

connected (en)[Domaine]

starts (en)[Domaine]

StartFn (en)[Domaine]

change of state (en) - division, part, section (en) - conclusion, ending, finish (en) - state (en) - moment, point, point in time (en) - get going, go, start (en)[Hyper.]

change (en) - adjustment, alteration, modification (en) - change (en) - alteration, change, modification (en) - changer, modifier (en) - change (en) - change (en) - alterable (en) - editable, modifiable (en) - close, end, stop, terminate (en) - bring to a close, close, conclude (en) - cease, end, finish, stop, terminate (en) - end, terminate (en) - end (en) - die, disappear, get lost (en) - finish, finishing (en) - end (en) - close, closing, conclusion, end, ending, inference (en) - end, final stage, last (en) - end (en) - end, terminal (en) - endpoint, end point, termination, terminus (en) - end (en) - death, destruction, end (en) - end, ending (en) - close, conclusion, finale, finis, finish, last, stopping point, term (en) - terminative (en) - beginning, commencement, start (en) - start (en) - arrival, entrant, fledgeling, fledgling, freshman, neophyte, newbie, newcomer, starter (en) - beginner, debutant, fledgling, initiate, newbie, noob, novice, tenderfoot, tiro, tyro (en) - beginning (en) - beginner, father, founder, founding father, incorporator, institutor (en)[Dérivé]

alter, change (en)[Cause]

closing (en)[Similaire]

begin (en) - begin (en)[Domaine]

beginning, start (en) - middle (en) - beginning, commencement, first, get-go, kickoff, offset, onset, outset, showtime, start, starting time (en) - middle (en) - begin, start (en)[Ant.]

sluta (v.)


échouer - réussir (fr)[ClasseOppos.]

terminer dans le temps (fr)[Classe]

faire qqch, avoir une activité (fr)[Classe...]

amélioration finale d'un travail (fr)[ClasseParExt.]

fait de s'accomplir (fr)[Classe]

date (en)[Classe]

(box-office success; prosperity; seller; smash; blockbuster; megahit; smash hit) (en)[Thème]

(favorable; favourable; conducive; contributing; contributive; contributory; tributary), (salutary; salubrious; wholesome; healthful) (en)[Caract.]

factotum (en)[Domaine]

IntentionalProcess (en)[Domaine]

finishes (en)[Domaine]

Process (en)[Domaine]

SubjectiveAssessmentAttribute (en)[Domaine]

Death (en)[Domaine]

EndFn (en)[Domaine]

alter, change, modify (en) - closing, completion, culmination, mop up, windup (en) - happening, natural event, occurrence, occurrent (en) - fireman, relief pitcher, reliever (en) - moment, point, point in time (en)[Hyper.]

close, conclusion, ending, termination (en) - end (en) - end, final stage, last (en) - death, destruction, end (en) - end, ending (en) - terminative (en) - complete, finish (en) - end up, fetch up, finish, finish up, land, land up, wind up (en) - clear up, conclude, end, finish, finish off, finish up, get done, get finished, get through, mop up, polish off, terminate, wrap up (en) - climax, culminate (en) - close (en) - close, conclude (en) - finish (en) - end (en) - end, terminate (en) - click shut, close, close down, close up, fall shut, fold, shut, shut down, swing shut (en)[Dérivé]

round off (en)[Nominalisation]

cease, end, finish, stop, terminate (en)[Cause]

baseball, baseball game, rounders, softball (en)[Domaine]

begin, commence, get, get/set to work, get down, set about, set out, start, start out, take to (en) - begin, commence, lead off, start (en) - beginning, commencement, start (en) - beginning (en)[Ant.]

sluta (v.)



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Sluta!, skriven av Robin Rex, Tobias Karlsson och Anders Nyman, var Ann-Louise Hanson och Molle Holmberg bidrag i den svenska Melodifestivalen 2002. Låten slogs ut i semifinalen. Den testades på Svensktoppen den 2 mars 2002 men lyckades inte ta sig in på listan [1].


  1. ^ Svensktoppen - 16 februari 2002


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