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translation - distress

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analogical dictionary


MESH root[Thème]

distress [MeSH]


muck-up; problem; mess; muddle; tangle[Classe]


action de (ou fait d'être) (fr)[Classe...]

endanger; jeopardize; jeopardise; menace; threaten; imperil; expose to danger[Classe]

oser (fr)[Classe]

prendre des risques (fr)[Classe]

s'aventurer (fr)[Classe]

faire en sorte de, essayer de Ginf (fr)[Classe]

essayer en prenant un risque (fr)[Classe]

endanger; jeopardize; jeopardise; menace; threaten; imperil; expose to danger[ClasseHyper.]

qui nuit (à qqn ou à qqch) (fr)[Classe]

risky; chancy; chanceful; dicey; dodgy[Classe]

awkward; difficult; hard; stiff; tough; heavy; uphill[Classe]

(risk), (risky; chancy; chanceful; dicey; dodgy), (adventurously), (daredevil)[Thème]

(endanger; jeopardize; jeopardise; menace; threaten; imperil; expose to danger), (distress; danger; hazard; jeopardy; peril; risk; endangerment), (endanger; jeopardize; jeopardise; menace; threaten; imperil; expose to danger)[Thème]

(better; backer; punter; gambler)[Thème]

(underwriter; insurer), (assurance; insurance)[Thème]

(accord; agreement; convention; covenant)[Thème]

(place; invest), (investment), (financial institution; financial organization; financial organisation)[Thème]





causal agency, causal agent, cause - affect, bear on, bear upon, impact, touch, touch on - assay, attempt, endeavor, endeavour, essay, have a crack at, hazard, seek, test, try, try out - chance, hazard, lay on the line, put on the line, risk, stake, take chances - be, be found, be in existence, exist, occur, there be[Hyper.]

dangerous, unsafe - danger, hazard, jeopardy, peril, risk - danger, distress, endangerment, hazard, jeopardy, peril, risk - peril, riskiness - exposure, vulnerability - adventure, dangerous undertaking, escapade, risky venture - chance, risk - gamble - adventurer, venturer - adventurer, explorer - gambler, risk taker - venture - speculation, venture - bet, stake, stakes, wager - menace, threat[Dérivé]

péril (fr)[Cont.]

distress (n.)


chose défavorable (fr)[ClasseParExt...]

objet de connaître (ressentir) (fr)[ClasseParExt.]


éprouver une douleur physique (fr)[Classe]

éprouver de la souffrance ou de la tristesse (fr)[Classe]


affliger (fr)[Classe]

faire souffrir (fr)[Classe]

inquiéter (fr)[Classe]

éprouver une sensation douloureuse (fr)[Classe]

être l'objet de qqch de non désiré (fr)[Classe]

percevoir une sensation (morale ou physique) (fr)[Classe]

(pain; hurting; distress; misery; suffering; ache), (suffering), (analgesia)[Thème]

(proceedings; trial; legal suit; lawsuit; litigation; judicial proceeding)[Thème]

(precede), (press showing; preview), (past; past times; yesteryear; ancient times; antiquity), (predecessor; forerunner)[Caract.]



evidence, grounds - evidence - be - blesser, faire mal (fr) - cause embarrassment, confound, confuse, discomfit, discompose, disconcert, embarrass, faze, untune, upset - comprehend, perceive[Hyper.]

diagnostic, symptomatic - symptomatic - sufferance - hurt, suffering - diseased person, sick person, sufferer - harm, hurt, injury, trauma - ache, distress, hurting, misery, pain, suffering - agony, anguish, death pangs, excruciation, suffering - algia, dolor, pain, painful sensation, pain sensation - trouble - ailment, complaint, ill, sickness, trouble - annoyance, arse, arsehole, arse-licker, ass, bastard, bother, botheration, brownnose, cunt, darkie, dick, fart, flashy wog, infliction, Negro girl, pain, pain in the arse, pain in the ass, pain in the neck, piccaninny, piss, prick, puke, shitty, sod, wog - pain, painfulness - anguish, torment, torture - anguish - ache, aching[Dérivé]

afflicted, brokenhearted, broken-hearted, gloomy, grief-stricken, heartbroken, heartsick, sad, sorrowful[Rendre+Attrib.]

disease, sickness[Desc]

medical science, medical specialty, medicine[Domaine]


be fine, be going strong, be well, do fine, do well[Ant.]

distress (n.)


déplaire (fr)[Classe]

faire naître un sentiment, un état affectif (fr)[Classe...]

troubler quelqu'un (fr)[Classe]

faire du mal (fr)[Classe]

séduire, influencer, aider... (fr)[ClasseParExt...]

être cause que : faire + Ginf (fr)[Classe...]

causer du désagrément (fr)[Classe]

compliquer (fr)[Classe]

empêcher (de faire, de se produire) (fr)[Classe]

mettre dans une situation embarrassante (fr)[Classe]

triste (fr)[Classe]

qui inspire la pitié (fr)[Classe]

rendu triste (fr)[Classe]

tristesse (fr)[Classe]

unquiet; disquietude; angst; anxiety; apprehension; solicitude; concern; worry[Classe]

groupe d'intérêt (fr)[Classe]

ensemble de personnes d'un même groupe et en lutte (fr)[Classe]

éprouver de la souffrance ou de la tristesse (fr)[Classe]

(sadden), (monotonousness; sameness; dullness; monotony; dowdiness; drabness; homeliness)(entristecer), (insipidez; sosería; insulsez; monotonía; falta de gracia)[Thème]

affliger (fr)[Thème]

faire souffrir (fr)[Thème]

(unquiet; disquietude; angst; anxiety; apprehension; solicitude; concern; worry)[Thème]

(disagreeableness; unpleasantness; inconvenience; discomfort), (toilsomely)[termes liés]

(opinion)[termes liés]



qualificatif du jeu musical (fr)[DomainJugement]

qualificatif du regard (fr)[DomainJugement]








arouse, elicit, enkindle, evoke, fire, kindle, provoke, raise, vellicate - negative stimulus - emotion, emotions, feeling, sentiment - pain, painfulness - distress, hurt, suffering - adventure, venture - distress - experience, feel[Hyper.]

discomposure - confusion, discomfiture, discomposure, disconcertion, disconcertment, distraction, embarrassment - disorder, disturbance, perturbation, trouble, upset - annoy, bother, bug, chafe, devil, disturb, get at, get to, gravel, intrude, irritate, nark, nettle, rag, rile, rub up the wrong way, trouble, vex, worry - bother, trouble - anguish, distress, hurt, pain - bother, discommode, disoblige, incommode, inconvenience, inconvenient, put out, trouble - painful - afflictive, painful, sore - blesser, faire mal (fr) - ache, be in pain, hurt, suffer - ache, hurt, suffer, suffer from - anguish - excruciate, rack, torment, torture - aim, drive, get - beat back, drive, force back, push back, repel, repulse - drive, force, ram, work - drive - drive, labor, labour, plod away, plod on, push, tug - agitate, campaign, crusade, fight, press, push - martyr, sufferer - suffering, woe[Dérivé]

affliger (fr)[QuiEst]


abide, absorb, bear, brook, digest, endure, put up, put up with, stand, stick out, stomach, suffer, support, sustain, take, tolerate, weather[Domaine]

pleasance, pleasure[Ant.]

distress (v. tr.)

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