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translation - 5P SYNDROME

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Abnormalities, Congenital, Birth Defects, Congenital Abnormalities, Congenital Defects, Defects, Congenital, DeformitiesAnomalie congénitale, Anomalie morphologique congénitale, Anomalies congénitales, Anomalies morphologiques congénitales, Difformités congénitales, Malformation, Malformations - Genetic Diseases, Inborn, Hereditary Disease, Hereditary Diseases, Inborn Genetic Diseases, Single-Gene DefectsAnomalies monogéniques, génopathie, Génopathies, Génopathies monogéniques, Maladie héréditaire, Maladies génétiques congénitales, Maladies héréditaires, Maladies monogéniques - Child Mental Disorders, Disorders Usually Diagnosed in Infancy, Childhood or Adolescence, Mental Disorders Diagnosed in ChildhoodTroubles mentaux de l'enfant, Troubles mentaux diagnostiqués dans l'enfance, Troubles mentaux diagnostiqués dans l'enfance et l'adolescence - Cognitive Manifestations, Cognitive Symptoms, Neurobehavioral Manifestations, Neurobehavioral Signs and Symptoms, Signs and Symptoms, NeurobehavioralManifestations cognitives, Manifestations neurocognitives, Manifestations neuro-cognitives, Manifestations neurocomportementales, Manifestations neuro-comportementales, Signes et symptômes neurocomportementaux, Symptômes cognitifs[Hyper.]

Bardet-Biedl Syndrome, Laurence-Moon-Bardet-Biedl SyndromeSBB (Syndrome de Bardet-Biedl), Syndrome de Bardet-Biedl - Mentally Disabled, Mentally Disabled Persons, Mentally Handicapped, Mentally RetardedPersonnes handicapées mentales - Laurence-Moon-Biedl Syndrome, Laurence-Moon Syndromelaurence-moon-bardet-biedl (syndrome de), Syndrome de Laurence-Moon, Syndrome de Laurence-Moon-Biedl - Broad Thumb-Hallux Syndrome, Rubinstein Syndrome, Rubinstein-Taybi SyndromeSRT (Syndrome de Rubinstein-Taybi), Syndrome de Rubinstein et Taybi, Syndrome de Rubinstein-Taybi, Syndrome des pouces et des gros orteils trop larges - 5p Deletion Syndrome, 5p- Syndrome, Chromosome 5p- Syndrome, Chromosome 5 Short Arm Deletion Syndrome, Cri-du-Chat Syndrome, Crying Cat Syndrome, Deletion of Short Arm of Chromosome 5 SyndromeDélétion 5p, Délétion 5p-, Délétion du bras court du chromosome 5, Maladie du cri-du-chat, Monosomie 5p, Syndrome du cri du chat, Syndrome du cri-du-chat - Angelman Syndrome, Happy Puppet Syndrome, Puppet ChildrenSyndrome d'Angelman, Syndrome de la marionnette joyeuse, Syndrome du pantin hilare - Brain Diseases, Metabolic, Familial, Brain Diseases, Metabolic, Inborn, Brain Diseases, Metabolic, Inherited, Brain Syndrome, Metabolic, Inborn, Central Nervous System Inborn Metabolic Diseases, Central Nervous System Inborn Metabolic Disorders, CNS Metabolic Disorders, Inborn, Encephalopathies, Metabolic, Inborn, Familial Metabolic Brain Diseases, Familial Metabolic Disorders, Brain, Inborn Errors of Metabolism, Brain, Inborn Metabolic Brain Diseases, Inborn Metabolic Brain Disorders, Inborn Metabolic Disorders, Brain, Inherited Metabolic Brain Diseases, Inherited Metabolic Disorders, Brain, Metabolic Brain Diseases, Familial, Metabolic Brain Diseases, Inborn, Metabolic Brain Diseases, Inherited, Metabolic Brain Syndrome, Inborn, Metabolic Diseases, Inborn, Brain, Metabolic Diseases, Inborn, Central Nervous System, Metabolic Disorders, Brain, Inherited, Metabolic Disorders, CNS, Inborn, Metabolic Disorders, Familial, BrainEncéphalopathies métaboliques congénitales, Encéphalopathies métaboliques familiales, Encéphalopathies métaboliques héréditaires, Erreurs innées du métabolisme cérébral, Maladies métaboliques cérébrales héréditaires, Maladies métaboliques congénitales du cerveau, Maladies métaboliques congénitales du SNC, Maladies métaboliques congénitales du système nerveux central - Brachmann-De Lange Syndrome, Cornelia De Lange Syndrome, De Lange's Syndrome, De Lange Syndrome, Typus Degenerativus AmstelodamensisSyndrome de Brachmann-De Lange, Syndrome de Cornelia De Lange, Syndrome de De Lange, Typus amstelodamensis - Cockayne Syndrome, Cockayne Syndrome, Group A, Cockayne Syndrome, Group B, Cockayne Syndrome, Group C, Cockayne Syndrome, Type A, Cockayne Syndrome, Type B, Cockayne Syndrome, Type C, Cockayne Syndrome, Type I, Cockayne Syndrome, Type II, Cockayne Syndrome, Type III, Group A Cockayne Syndrome, Group B Cockayne Syndrome, Group C Cockayne Syndrome, Progeria-Like Syndrome, Type A Cockayne Syndrome, Type B Cockayne Syndrome, Type C Cockayne Syndrome, Type I Cockayne Syndrome, Type II Cockayne Syndrome, Type III Cockayne SyndromeNanisme progéroïde, Syndrome de Cockayne, Syndrome de Cockayne groupe A, Syndrome de Cockayne groupe B, Syndrome de Cockayne groupe C, Syndrome de Cockayne type 1, Syndrome de Cockayne type 2, Syndrome de Cockayne type 3, Syndrome de Cockayne type A, Syndrome de Cockayne type B, Syndrome de Cockayne type C, Syndrome de Cockayne type I, Syndrome de Cockayne type II, Syndrome de Cockayne type III - Abnormalities, Multiple, Multiple AbnormalitiesAnomalies congénitales multiples, Anomalies multiples congénitales, Malformations multiples - Labhart-Willi-Prader-Fanconi Syndrome, Labhart-Willi Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Royer's Syndrome, Royer Syndromeprader-labhart-willi (syndrome de), Syndrome de Prader-Labhart-Willi, Syndrome de Prader-Willi, Syndrome de Prader-Willi (SPW), Syndrome de Royer - Autism-Dementia-Ataxia-Loss of Purposeful Hand Use Syndrome, Cerebroatrophic Hyperammonemia, Rett's Disorder, Rett's Syndrome, Rett Disorder, Rett SyndromeSyndrome de Rett[Analogie]

5p- Syndrome (n.) [MeSH]


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